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◆  Guangzhou rijian fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. (Guangdong rijian fire fighting Technology Co., Ltd.) is located on the Bank of the beautiful Pearl River and across the bank from the world famous Huangpu Military Academy. The company is adjacent to Huangpu port and national highway 107 in the East and Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the West. It is only an hour's drive from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, with convenient sea, land and air transportation.


◆  Guangzhou rijian fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. (Guangdong rijian fire fighting Technology Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the production of ISO9001 system, foam extinguishing agent and foam fire fighting equipment. It has passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupation health and safety management system, and has national standardization laboratories, testing facilities and advanced equipment. Experienced in testing fire products. Japan construction company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with fire research institutions, making its products always in the leading ranks in China. The products have obtained the national voluntary certification certificate for fire protection products, won the group member of China Fire Protection Association, Guangdong fire protection director unit, Guangdong honest and superior fire protection enterprise, etc.


◆  The products of Rijian Firefighting mainly include the following categories of products. The first type is gas fire extinguishing device, including cabinet heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing device, (pipe network) heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing equipment, suspended gas fire extinguishing device, CO2 and mixed gas (IG541) fire extinguishing system; The second category is foam extinguishing agent, which includes water film foam extinguishing agent series, anti foaming foam extinguishing agent series, and water soluble film forming foam extinguishing agent series. The third category is foam fire extinguishing equipment and equipment, including: pressure type foam proportioning device, balanced foam proportioning device, semi solid (portable type) foam extinguishing device (trolley), foam hydrant box, foam gun, foam generator, water foam water supply switch valve (fire hydrant), fire water cannon; The fourth category is other fire-fighting products and equipment: including micro fire stations, portable and wheeled dry powder fire extinguishing devices, etc; The fifth category is fire protection maintenance and engineering installation; Including installation and commissioning of fire protection system, alarm linkage system, rectification of fire protection system, fire protection maintenance, etc. All the above products have passed the type inspection or type approval of the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of public security. The company's products have been widely used in the fire protection system of airports, subway stations, oil depots, petrochemical enterprises, parking garages, docks, ships, offshore drilling platforms, warehouses, tunnels, shopping malls, buildings, science and technology museums, archives, etc.