Minimum degree:




Experience requirements:


operational area:

Job duties:
1、Conduct market research and forecast, collect and organize market information, and write project reports.
2、To do the business negotiation before project development, responsible for the supervision of the project service process and later maintenance, etc., write customer interview records.
3、Visit the market, visit customers, promote our company's logistics services and service concepts, facilitate the establishment of cooperative relationships between customers and our company, and tap into quality customers and projects.
4、Responsible for monitoring the accounts receivable situation of market customers, mastering the credit status of market customers, and preventing the emergence of bad and dead debts.
Job requirements:
1、Bachelor degree or above;
2、Accept base salary + commission accounting salary;
3、Some sales experience in the logistics industry and a stable customer base is preferred;
4, have the ability to write market business promotion and development plan, and supervise the implementation process and result analysis and summary;