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Fire masks


Fire self-rescue respirator (fire mask)

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    • Commodity name: Fire masks
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    Fire self-rescue respirator (fire mask)

    Fire filter type self-rescue respirator will inevitably produce toxic smoke during a fire. According to the statistics of the fire authority, more than 80% of fire deaths are caused by smoke poisoning, injury or suffocation by smoke. At this time, wear reliable smoke and poison protection Respiratory devices, using evacuation channels to get out of danger safely, can greatly reduce the number of fire deaths. Fire-fighting filter self-rescue respirator (also known as anti-smoke gas mask, fire escape mask) is a special breathing device that protects human respiratory organs from external toxic gases. Toxic components in the air of the fire scene are filtered out to make it into relatively clean air for the survivors to breathe. This product complies with GA209-1999 standard. Uses: This respirator is a necessary personal protective respiratory protection device in case of fire accidents in hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, shopping malls, banks, post and telecommunications, electric power, public entertainment places, factories, residences, subways, etc.

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