Gas fire extinguishing

Gas fire extinguishing

Gas Fire Extinguishing

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High pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system

The carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguishing system consists of: gas fire extinguishing alarm control system, fire detection system, fire extinguishing drive plate, sound and light alarm device, vent door light, emergency start, stop button, fire extinguishing agent, storage bottle, container valve, high pressure hose, selection Valve, one-way valve, air control valve, pressure switch, nozzle, starting cylinder, pipeline and other main equipment. It can be composed of various forms such as unit independent system or combined distribution system. Implement fire protection . Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems are suitable for new construction, renovation, expansion projects and production and storage installations. Applicable places: fire extinguishing in power generation and distribution rooms, computer rooms, fabric warehouses, libraries, archives rooms, paint making, spray painting, steel rolling, aluminum rolling mills and other places in industrial and mining enterprises. The carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system can be set as a total flooding fire extinguishing system system or locally applied fire extinguishing system. When set to total flooding fire extinguishing system It is mainly used in places where there is no one or people are easy to evacuate.

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