Gas fire extinguishing

Gas fire extinguishing

Gas Fire Extinguishing

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IG541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system

IG541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system includes: fire extinguishing bottle group, high-pressure hose, fire extinguishing agent check valve, starting bottle group, safety pressure relief device, selection valve, pressure signal device, nozzle, high-pressure pipeline, high-pressure pipe fittings, etc. Used in conjunction with the fire detection and alarm control system, it can automatically detect and alarm fires, and extinguish the fire automatically or manually. The IG-541 mixed gas fire extinguishing agent used is a mixture of nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at a ratio of 52%, 40%, and 8%, respectively. fire extinguishing agent. Applicable places: fire extinguishing in communication room, power distribution room, computer room, fabric warehouse, library, archive room, bank data center, treasury, paint making and painting in industrial and mining enterprises. The IG541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system can only be set as a total flooding fire extinguishing system.

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