Analysis of the development trend of automatic fire extinguishing in recent years


The development trend of the automatic fire extinguishing industry in recent years is a steady growth, but the growth rate is not fast.

1. Since 2010, the production of halon fire extinguishing agent products has been banned, so the industry will undergo production transformation afterwards. This process will inevitably reduce the profit margin of the enterprise, and the development speed will also slow down accordingly.

2. The market occupied by new technologies and products is getting bigger and bigger. According to the general law, the profit margin of new products is generally higher than that of old products. Therefore, the larger the market for new products, the more it can increase the overall profit margin of the industry. The development trend is upward.

In terms of product development, the entire automatic fire extinguishing industry tends to be more environmentally friendly, safer and more accurate.

In the future, the overall research direction will develop towards friendly fire extinguishing agents, that is, harmless fire extinguishing agents will become the mainstream, and the environment is particularly important now. This is also a trend in all industries. Traditional halon series fire extinguishing agents are banned from production and use because they can damage the ozone layer.

Many countries have used water as a fire extinguishing agent instead of gas fire extinguishing agents, and researched to allow it to be applied in specific projects. As far as the current stage of development is concerned, the scope of application is still relatively narrow. The popular water mist fire extinguishing system in recent years is not yet universal and has relatively large limitations. Still need to continue in-depth research.

Water as a fire extinguishing agent also has advantages in cost and production compared with gas fire extinguishing systems. The principle of heat absorption and evaporation and reducing the oxygen content in the air are the fire extinguishing principles. Taking it as a research and development direction will promote the rapid development of this industry. It is also a major trend in the future.