Electric shock accidents happen in the shower


Incident 1 "  A woman in Pingshan District was electrocuted and died  while taking a bath "


On the afternoon of June 8, 2020, Mr. Yu of Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, suddenly heard his wife screaming and falling to the ground from the bathroom.

So, Mr. Yu immediately pulled down the switch, put on his shoes, went into the bathroom, carried his wife out, and called 110 and 120 for the police. In the end, after more than 40 minutes of on-site rescue, Ms. Shi died unfortunately.

 It is understood that the direct cause of the accident was the leakage of the electric meter in the electric meter box, which led to the electrification of the shell of the water heater.


Incident 2 " A woman in Longhua District was suspected of encountering an electric leakage  while taking a bath "


On the evening of June 13, 2019, in a rental house in Guihua New Village, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, a female tenant suspected that the water heater leaked electricity while taking a shower.

Since she was alone at home at the time, it was not until after one o'clock in the afternoon the next day that her colleagues discovered that she had not come to work. After many searches and contacted the police, they found out that she had been in an accident.


Electric water heaters are simply divided into storage-type electric water heaters and fast-heating electric water heaters.

  1. Storage water heater: Heats water and stores it in a container. There is a water temperature control device inside. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the thermostat will cut off the current of the heating tube and enter the heat preservation state. Before use, it needs to be heated in advance, and the power switch can be turned off before taking a shower.
  2. Fast heating electric water heater: also known as instant electric water heater. Experts believe that the advantages of instant water heaters are easy installation and small size. However, it must be used while boiling water, and the risk of leakage is relatively high.


Precautions for using the water heater are as follows:


 1. Don't buy inferior products

Don’t buy those ultra-low-priced electric water heaters on the market, or second-hand electric water heaters. These inferior products generally do not have leakage safety protection devices or the devices have failed. For safety, you must not be greedy for such cheap things.


 2. Monthly self-test leakage protection switch

The leakage protection switch has a "T" button (orange, yellow or blue in most cases), and "press once a month" or "test once a month" will be written next to the button. This button is the legendary "T" button. "Safety button" - simulates a leakage button.

This button should be pressed once a month to simulate the leakage problem in the household line to observe whether the leakage protection function of the circuit breaker is normal. When the "life-saving button" is pressed, if the power switch trips, it means that the leakage protection function of the circuit breaker is normally available, and you only need to close the switch at this time. If the power switch does not trip after pressing the "life-saving button", it means that the leakage protection function of the circuit breaker has failed and cannot play the role of automatic power-off protection. At this time, the circuit breaker device needs to be replaced immediately.


3. Turn off the electricity before taking a shower

After storing the water, first boil the hot water to the specified temperature, and then disconnect the power before taking a bath. Heating while washing will increase the risk of electric shock.


4. Regularly replace the magnesium rod of the electric water heater

Tap water contains a large amount of calcium and magnesium ions. During the continuous use of electric water heaters, it will adhere to and corrode its liner and heated magnesium rods. Once the inner tank is corroded or the heating pipe is corroded and perforated, there is also a danger of leakage, so the magnesium rod of the electric water heater must be replaced regularly.


5. It is forbidden to use electric water heaters that exceed the service life

The service life of an electric water heater is usually 6-8 years. If it continues to be used beyond the number of years, there will be safety hazards and it needs to be replaced in time.


<  Special  Reminder  >


In case of electric shock, be sure to cut off the power first!


Pay attention to safety when using electric water heaters, do not pull out the power cord with wet hands, and be careful of the risk of electric shock.


If someone gets an electric shock, please keep calm and turn off the main power switch immediately. If you can’t find the main switch, use a dry wooden stick or similar object with good insulation to pull the person who has received an electric shock away from the power supply. Never pull it with your hands. Otherwise, you will get an electric shock yourself! !