Safety Tips: Four Ways to Escape a Fire in a Crowded Place


1. Escape along the evacuation signs. Evacuation signs are installed in the evacuation channels of densely populated places. When the escape direction cannot be discerned, escape must be carried out along the direction indicated by the evacuation signs. Evacuation must be orderly, and no running and crowding can occur to avoid stampede accidents. This also reminds everyone that when you go to a crowded place, pay attention to see where the safety exit is.

2. Self-made equipment to escape. You can use the items around you to escape, such as soaking towels, curtains or clothes and covering your mouth and nose as a simple smoke prevention tool; use bed sheets, curtains and knotted ropes to open up escape routes. Of course, if you have fire-fighting equipment such as smoke masks and escape ropes in crowded places, you should use them without hesitation. When you have to escape through thick smoke, try to protect your head and body with wet clothes, cover your mouth and nose, and walk forward with a low posture. If you catch fire on your body, you can roll on the spot or cover it with heavy clothing to suppress the flames.

3. Use building facilities to escape. Use downpipes, ledges and windows to the outside to escape, or move to a safe area and look for escape opportunities.

4. Look for shelter and wait for an opportunity to escape. When there is no way to escape, you should actively seek a place of refuge. For example, wait for rescue on balconies and flat roofs; choose rooms where fire and smoke are difficult to spread, close doors and windows, and block gaps. If there is water in the room, immediately wet the doors, windows and various combustibles to prevent or slow down the fire and Smoke spread time.