Festivals are frequent, safety must be remembered


Recently, various festivals and festivals are frequent, and fire risks and disaster-causing factors have increased. Nikken Fire Services reminds fire safety during festivals:

1. When traveling by car, you should check the vehicle circuit and oil circuit in advance, and check whether the on-board fire extinguisher has expired; if you encounter a fire in public transportation such as a car or subway, you must decisively use a safety hammer to smash the window glass and escape in an orderly manner.

2. To decorate the commercial market with a festive atmosphere, please choose colored lights and decorations that meet fire safety technical standards, and lay electrical lines correctly to prevent overloading of electricity. Do not place high-power lamps near flammable materials.

3. Public gathering places should strengthen the management of fire and electricity consumption, implement fire safety inspection responsibilities of each post, formulate and practice emergency evacuation plans, and strictly prevent fire accidents.

4. When entering public places, please pay attention to observe the safety exits and evacuation passages, and keep in mind the evacuation direction; do not bring flammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places or take public transportation.

5. Do not set off fireworks and firecrackers in crowded places, buildings, or warehouses storing flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods.

6. When a fire occurs in a public gathering place, it should call 119 immediately to report to the police, and evacuate according to the guidance of the staff, and evacuate the fire scene calmly, calmly and quickly.

7. Households should not overload electrical equipment, do not pile up combustibles on balconies and corridors, turn off power and gas sources when going out, teach children not to play with fire, and not to throw kindling.

8. If a gas leak is found, the gas valve should be closed quickly, and the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. It is strictly forbidden to touch electrical switches and use open flames. You should go to the outdoor safe area to call the police and evacuate the surrounding people.

9. Do not park electric bicycles in stairwells, evacuation passages, or safety exits. Do not occupy fire exits, and do not use power lines to recharge without permission.

10. Before going out, please find out the fire hazards in your home, remove combustible materials from indoor balconies and corridors; turn off the power and gas switches; close the windows tightly to prevent fires caused by flying fire outside.

11. During festivals, public entertainment places such as KTV, bars, and entertainment halls are crowded with people. Keep evacuation aisles and safety exits unblocked. When entering public places, pay attention to observe safety exits and evacuation passages, and keep in mind the evacuation direction.

12. When visiting scenic spots, do not use open flames, smoke casually, throw cigarette butts, and do not have a picnic on the mountain to make a fire, so as to prevent fires.

13. In case of fire, please call 119 to report to the police; if you find a fire hazard around you, please call 96119 to report the fire hazard.