Daily maintenance and inspection of foam fire extinguishing system


1. General regulations for routine maintenance of foam fire extinguishing systems

1. Before the foam fire extinguishing system is put into operation, the construction unit should have specially trained personnel who have passed the examination to be responsible for the maintenance, management and operation of the system; 

2. Compile operation accumulation and draw system flow chart; 

3. Develop the code of duty personnel; 

4. Establish a system regular inspection and maintenance record sheet; 

5. Establish the technical file of the system; 

Second, the content of the quarterly inspection of the foam fire extinguishing system

1. Visual inspection of low, medium and high expansion foam generators, foam nozzles, fixed foam monitors, and foam proportional mixers for low expansion foam generators should be intact.

2.  Check the rotary mechanism, pitch mechanism or electric operating mechanism of the fixed foam gun; the performance should meet the standard requirements.

3. Fire hydrants and valves should open and close freely without rust; 

4. Pressure gauges, pipe filters, metal hoses, pipes and accessories should not be damaged; 

5. The power supply and electrical equipment should be in good working condition; 

6. Water supply source and water level indicating device should be normal; 

3. Annual inspection content of foam fire extinguishing system

1. During the annual inspection, except for the low- and medium-expansion foam mixture standpipes, the foam pipes in the submerged jet fire embankment, and the pipes behind the control valve at the inlet end of the high-tax foam generator, the rest of the pipes should be flushed to remove rust residue.

2. For low and medium expansion foam mixture standpipes, only remove rust residue.