A gas explosion occurred in a restaurant in a community in Shenyang


At 8:20 a.m. on October 21, a gas explosion occurred in a restaurant on Nanqima Road, Taiyuan South Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. At 8:25, the Nanjing North Street Fire and Rescue Station dispatched 3 vehicles and 10 people to the scene for rescue. The detonation impact caused damage to nearby buildings, and a bus on the scene was affected. At present, the accident has killed 3 people and injured more than 30 people. All the wounded have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The accident investigation and follow-up rescue work are in progress.

Once an explosion occurs, it often causes great damage. At the same time, we need to do a good job in the prevention of gas explosions in our daily life.

How to prevent a gas explosion [Microphone]:

1. When you find that the gas alarm is alarming and there is a peculiar smell in the room, turn off the gas source under the premise of ensuring your own safety, open the doors and windows for ventilation, and call the local natural gas alarm phone in the outdoor safe area. Switch electrical equipment.

2. After using the gas, the gas stove and the pipeline valve should be turned off at the same time. Before going to bed and before leaving home, you must check whether the gas stove and the pipeline valve are closed at the same time.

3. The length of the rubber hose should not exceed 2 meters, and keep a certain distance from the stove. The connection should be fixed with clamps. Regularly check whether it is aging and replace the rubber hose in time.

4. Regularly use soapy water and washing liquid to check the interface of gas equipment facilities, switches, hoses and other parts to see if there is any air leakage. It is strictly forbidden to use an open fire to detect leaks.

5. Use a special rubber hose for gas, use a stove with a flameout protection device, and the service life of the stove should not exceed 8 years.

6. The gas alarm device should be energized 24 hours a day to keep it in working condition.