Foam water spray system


The foam water spray system is the same as the automatic sprinkler system. The foam water spray system can be divided into closed system and rain sprinkling system. The closed system can also be divided into foam, water pre action system, foam water dry system and foam water wet system. Bubbles. Sprinkler system mainly adds foam fluid supply system and foam proportioning mixer on the basis of sprinkler system. Other system components and automatic sprinkler systems are the same.


Comparison between IG-541 and heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system: environmental protection, safety and adaptability


Gas fire extinguishing system is one of the four traditional fixed fire extinguishing systems (water, gas, foam, dry powder) and is widely used. In recent years, in order to protect the atmospheric ozone layer and maintain the human ecological environment, the Montreal Convention agreement has been signed, and the most traditional and commonly used Halon gas fire extinguishing system has been banned. At this stage, heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system, IG-541 gas fire extinguishing system and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system can be selected for the communication room.


Gas fire extinguishing system for LNG terminal: prefabricated non-pipe network heptafluoropropane total flooding fire extinguishing system


In GB 50370-2005 "Code for Design of Gas Fire Extinguishing System", three kinds of gas fire extinguishing systems are listed, namely: heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system, IG541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system and hot aerosol prefabricated fire extinguishing system. According to the actual characteristics and specification requirements of the large number of protected areas and the small area of ​​each protected area in this project, a prefabricated non-pipe network heptafluoropropane total flooding fire extinguishing system is selected. The fire extinguishing system is a prefabricated, fully submerged fire extinguishing system, which is an independent complete set. Compared with the fire extinguishing system with pipe network, it has the advantages of flexible and convenient installation, beautiful appearance, no loss of fire extinguishing agent in the pipe network, high fire extinguishing efficiency, fast speed, and no fire extinguishing system. Pollution and other characteristics, it is a fire-fighting equipment without pipe network, portable, movable, and automatic fire extinguishing, which can protect a small area. The non-pipe network fire extinguishing system does not have a storage tank room, and the gas storage tanks and the entire system are set in the protected area. When a fire occurs, the system sprays the fire extinguishing agent directly into the protected area, which is convenient and quick. Suitable for protection areas in smaller spaces such as computer rooms, archives, valuables warehouses, and telecommunication centers.


Analysis of the development trend of automatic fire extinguishing in recent years


The development trend of the automatic fire extinguishing industry in recent years is a steady growth, but the growth rate is not fast.


Fire knowledge small training


1. Definition of fire A disaster caused by uncontrolled burning in time and space.


November 9丨National Fire Awareness Day pays tribute to Blue Friends


The number of months and days on November 9 happened to be the same as the fire alarm number 119, and around this day, when fires frequently broke out, fire prevention work was carried out all over the country. In order to increase the overall awareness of fire safety and make "119" more popular among the people, the Ministry of Public Security initiated it in 1992 and designated December 9th of each year as the national "Fire Awareness Day".


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