How to use foam fire extinguishing device, application range and technical parameters of foam fire extinguishing device


Foam fire extinguishing devices are divided into fixed foam fire extinguishing devices, semi-fixed foam fire extinguishing devices, and cart-type foam fire extinguishing devices; they are mainly composed of foam liquid storage tanks, spray guns, proportional mixers, hoses, and cart chassis. A new environment-friendly and high-efficiency fire extinguishing device, which is quick and easy to operate, strong in flexibility and high in reliability. In the initial stage of a fire, the device can be driven flexibly to the fire scene for fire extinguishing. This device can be used independently as a fire protection equipment, and can also be used as an auxiliary remedy in conjunction with a large fixed foam fire extinguishing system.  


How to use foam fire extinguishing device:

The device should generally be operated by two people; one person connects the spray gun belt and puts out the fire with the gun, and the other connects the fire hydrant hose and opens the fire hydrant ball valve to supply water. Connect the water supply source with the pressure water inlet of the equipment with a fire hose, remove the spray gun and unfold its fire hose; connect the connection hose of the spray gun with the outlet VI of the equipment; turn on the water supply source, and then hold the foam spray gun Put out the fire.

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Foam fire extinguishing device application range:

It is mainly used to extinguish Class A, B, C non-water-soluble liquid fires and Class A, B, C liquid loading and unloading areas and storage areas that are prone to leakage. The device is suitable for municipal residential areas, factories and mines, oil depots, chemical industry departments, heat treatment workshops, gas stations and other places.


Foam fire extinguishing device technical parameters:


Rated pressure (Mpa)

Working pressure (Mpa)

mixing ratio

Foaming ratio

Range (m)

25% suction time (S)

Injection time (Min)












≥50 or ≥25



≥75 or ≥37.5



≥100 or ≥50



≥125 or ≥62.5


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