Principle of foam tank \ performance characteristics of foam tank \ how to install foam tank


Principle of foam tank:

The principle of the foam tank is the same as that of the mobile foam fire extinguisher. It is to add high-pressure carbon dioxide gas to the foam liquid in the foam tank to increase the pressure in the foam tank. Once necessary, open the valve of the foam tank, and the foam liquid inside will pass through the foam generator to generate foam, and the liquid fire can be extinguished.

The performance characteristics of the foam tank: The foam tank fire extinguishing will form a pressure during operation, and the pressure will form a split flow through the proportional mixer of the foam tank, and the split flow will allow part of the water to enter the foam liquid storage tank.

Installation of fire foam tanks:

The foam tank group is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Tank body (generally, the manufacturer installs the exhaust valve on the tank body)

2. Proportional mixer 3. Foam delivery pipe

4. Liquid level display

The installation location can be in the fire pump room, or in each fire compartment.

The specific installation should be according to the requirements of the design drawings.