Research and Application of Polymer Coal Dust Prevention and Dust Suppression Flame Retardant


Coal dust is one of the major disasters that have plagued coal mine safety production for a long time. It is not only prone to pneumonia, but long-term inhalation can also lead to pneumoconiosis. Pneumoconiosis has become the number one occupational disease in my country. In order to reduce the hazards of coal dust and protect the safety of coal mine production, the research team formed by Shandong University of Science and Technology successfully developed a new type of coal dust flame retardant after repeated experiments on the basis of in-depth research on the physical and chemical characteristics of coal dust and the wetting mechanism. According to reports, using the original dust suppression equipment in the coal mine, adding this coal dust flame retardant to the dust-proof water and spraying it can not only effectively capture the coal dust and inhibit the secondary flying of the coal dust, but also prevent the coal dust from burning and burning. ****, Improving the operating environment of coal mines and improving the disaster resistance of coal mines are of great practical significance to the safe production of coal mines.

Coal dust control technology research has always been a hot spot in coal mining research at home and abroad. Scientific researchers at home and abroad have done a lot of work in comprehensive dust prevention and suppression, and have made many achievements. However, the previous comprehensive coal dust prevention and control measures often only treat the symptoms, not the root cause. The means mainly rely on water. The capture rate of the coal dust is low, and the coal dust explosion cannot be prevented at the same time of the dust reduction, resulting in the occurrence of coal dust explosion accidents from time to time.

The new type of coal dust flame retardant successfully developed by Shandong University of Science and Technology after many years not only effectively reduces coal dust, but also changes the traditional physical explosion protection of coal dust into chemical explosion protection, which is a major breakthrough in the field of coal dust prevention and control technology in coal mines.

It is understood that this kind of polymer coal dust dust suppression flame retardant selected from many flame retardants is non-toxic, non-irritating, and has no corrosion to human skin and production equipment. It has low dosage, high efficiency and low cost. Low cost, only 5 to 7 yuan per ton of coal, no need to add new equipment, as long as the flame retardant is added to the mine dust suppression water, it can be sprayed, and it is easy to operate and use. Experiments have shown that after adding this flame retardant to coal dust, the flame length of the coal dust explosion will be greatly shortened, or even there will be no flame, and the coal dust ignition will be significantly reduced.

At the expert appraisal meeting organized by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the appraisal committee headed by Hong Boxian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believed that the project proposed an index to quantitatively characterize the characteristics of the particle size distribution of coal dust, and determined the existence of aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons on the surface of coal dust. and the three major groups of oxygen-containing functional groups, studied the relationship between the composition, physical and chemical structure of coal dust and the wettability of coal dust, explored the mechanism of respirable dust difficult to wet from the microcosm, and determined the influence of coal dust The main factor of dust wettability, optimized the coal dust flame retardant, developed the polymer coal dust dust suppression flame retardant, successfully combined the dust suppression, dust suppression and explosion protection of coal dust, and the project results reached the international leading level .

It is understood that the research and application of polymer coal dust suppression and flame retardant is a science and technology development plan project in Shandong Province. The results of this project have a broad application market and prospects, and significant economic and social benefits.