Safety Tips: Four Ways to Escape a Fire in a Crowded Place


1. Escape along the evacuation signs. Evacuation signs are installed in the evacuation channels of densely populated places. When the escape direction cannot be discerned, escape must be carried out along the direction indicated by the evacuation signs. Evacuation must be orderly, and no running and crowding can occur to avoid stampede accidents. This also reminds everyone that when you go to a crowded place, pay attention to see where the safety exit is.


Electric shock accidents happen in the shower


Incident 1 "  A woman in Pingshan District was electrocuted and died  while taking a bath "


Electric vehicle charging accidents continue, how to avoid such accidents?


While electric vehicles bring convenience to everyone It also brings traffic safety hazards that cannot be ignored


Five rules to keep in mind when a fire breaks out


1. Keep calm, call 119 immediately to report the fire alarm, judge the exact location of the safety exit in a short time, and evacuate as soon as possible. 2. Don't worry about money and other things. Escape is the most important thing. Don't be shy about being disheveled, or afraid of money and financial damage, and miss the best time to escape. 3. When escaping from a fire, please pay attention to some simple protection. It is best to wet a towel with water, then cover your nose, and crawl forward. 4. When fleeing the scene of a fire, be sure to take a safe passage or a stair passage. If you are on fire, try to take off the burning clothes, or roll on the ground to suppress the flames, or have someone pour water to put it out. 5. If you cannot save yourself, try to stay in a place that is easy to be found and can avoid smoke, and make a sound or an effective distress signal in time to attract the attention of rescuers.


Festivals are frequent, safety must be remembered


Recently, various festivals and festivals are frequent, and fire risks and disaster-causing factors have increased. Nikken Fire Services reminds fire safety during festivals:


A gas explosion occurred in a restaurant in a community in Shenyang


At 8:20 a.m. on October 21, a gas explosion occurred in a restaurant on Nanqima Road, Taiyuan South Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. At 8:25, the Nanjing North Street Fire and Rescue Station dispatched 3 vehicles and 10 people to the scene for rescue. The detonation impact caused damage to nearby buildings, and a bus on the scene was affected. At present, the accident has killed 3 people and injured more than 30 people. All the wounded have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The accident investigation and follow-up rescue work are in progress.


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