New Technology Application of Fire Motor Pump


The motorized fire pump is a fire pump directly connected with a light engine and a water pump, which can be moved or fixed by manpower, and is used to fight general material fires and small oil fires. Because the motor pump has the advantages of lightness and flexibility, and is not restricted by traffic, electric power, and regional obstacles, it has been widely used to rescue industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, ports, docks, and rural areas where the road traffic conditions are poor and fire trucks are difficult to pass or cannot arrive in time. The first fire in the place.

The mobile fire pump is mainly composed of an engine, a water supply system and a fixed bracket. At present, the water inlet of the fire pump used at home and abroad is a hard tubular shape (determined by the use principle of the equipment), and the method of thread rotation and insertion is generally used between the water inlet of the pump body and the water diversion pipe. The main problems of this method are: the user must insert the threaded joint of the water diversion pipe into the other end of the water pump water inlet in a parallel rotation manner, which requires a lot of force and time-consuming; Especially in winter, it is difficult to install the water inlet pipe quickly, which will bring great trouble to the user when running into a fire alarm. In the event of a fire, every second counts to extinguish the fire, so the application of this technology greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and improves the actual application performance of the product.

Zhejiang Yuan improved the original product. After the improvement, the products were compared. (The same group of operators) The specific parameters are as follows: before the improvement, the water supply time of the fire pump is 110 seconds; after the improvement, the water supply time of the fire pump is: 40 seconds.

So where did the 70 seconds saved in the middle come from? 1. When the fire pump is in vacuum, Yuan adopts the one-way valve technology, which eliminates the need to manually close the connection switch for 6 seconds; 2. Between the water inlet of the fire pump and the water diversion pipe, Yuan adopts a quick connector after improvement The time required for the connection method is 1 second; the original thread method takes 65-95 seconds; so how much time does the fire need from the initial stage of combustion to the violent combustion? Class A fire is generally about 5 minutes; BC fire is generally about 2 minutes; it can be seen that the application of this technology will greatly improve the fire extinguishing efficiency and effectively control the further upgrade of the fire, which greatly improves the excellent performance of the product.