"Million Yuan Fire Truck" Airport Drill Shows Its Power


At 10 o'clock on the 5th, a simulation exercise was held at Taiping International Airport: a light aircraft had an "accident" when it landed. Due to a loss of control, it entered the main channel, the hatch could not be opened, and thick smoke came out from the tail. In less than 3 minutes, a brand-new fire truck arrived at the scene, pulled the noose, started the smoke machine, and took out a toothless saw to cut open the hatch...The fire fighters used this fire truck to complete the first fire within 7 minutes. "Rescue"******.

Towing the aircraft out of the flight path is easy

At the "rescue" scene, this fire rescue vehicle modified by Isuzu Motors is different from the ordinary fire truck body. The sides of the vehicle body are composed of 8 aluminum alloy sliding doors. winch, and has a retractable folding boom at the rear of the body.

In order to move the plane out of the main channel, the firefighters first released the electric winch noose at the front of the car and fixed it on the landing gear of the plane. The firefighters could easily pull the plane to the designated position by operating the winch panel; while other firefighters The soldiers opened all the 8 aluminum alloy sliding doors, and each soldier took out the vehicle-mounted rescue tools such as the smoke exhauster, expander, toothless saw, and portable multi-function pliers in an orderly manner with only one or two movements. In order to open the hatch, the on-site commander decided to use the boom to lift the fire fighters holding the toothless saw to the hatch. The fire fighters saw the hatch within two minutes and told the trapped people how to do it through the loudspeaker equipment. Cooperate with the police; while another group of team members uses the smoke exhaust machine to suck out the thick smoke at the tail of the cabin.

The maximum pulling force of the electric winch is 5.4 tons

Captain Cheng of the airport fire brigade introduced that the provincial airport management group invested 1.12 million yuan to equip the airport with a Sujie multi-functional emergency rescue fire truck, which is currently one of the most advanced multi-functional rescue vehicles in the province. The reason why it is said to be advanced is mainly because the car integrates many functions such as demolition, traction, lifting, smoke exhaust, lighting, and command amplification. Moreover, the built-in generator enables the lighting system to work continuously for more than 3 hours; the rear boom can lift a weight of 3.5 tons, and the maximum pulling force of its unique electric winch can reach 5.4 tons.