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Sinopec Guangdong petroleum


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Sinopec Guangdong petroleum

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 Anti foaming foam extinguishing agent 6% SAR -8 C
Anti foaming foam extinguishing agent 6% SAR -8 C
First, basic functions: Brief description: 6% S/AR type foam extinguishing agent is a kind of fire extinguishing agent with high solubility and high quality. It can mix 6 volumes with 94 volumes of fresh water to extinguish the fire of polar or solvent soluble fuels such as alcohols, ketones, esters, ethers and other flammable liquids. It can also be used to extinguish non-polar hydrocarbon and oil fire. It is a general foam extinguishing agent. 6% S/AR foam extinguishing agent is a kind of fire extinguishing agent containing special biopolymers. The foam quality produced by this polymer has better stability and heat resistance, fire resistance and sealing performance than ordinary foam. Second, characteristics 1。 The low power liquid-resistant foam has the smallest stirring energy. 2。 It can quickly overwhelm the flame quenching oil fire in a short time. 3。 Suitable for mixing with clean water. 3。 Standard foam proportioning mixer and other foaming devices are compatible. 4。 The 6% S/AR type anti foam foam extinguishing agent is versatile foam extinguishing agent, which can simplify the B fuel fires that are not known or mixed with oil and polar solvents in the fire field. 5。 The storage time is 2-3 years. Third, the physical and chemical properties of fire extinguishing agent Appearance - light yellow paste Specific gravity (20 ℃), g / cm 3-1.01-1.10 PH value (20 ℃) ---- 6-9.5 Anti freezing and melting performance -- no visible stratification and heterogeneous Fluidity ---- the flow is greater than the standard reference solution Foaming multiple ------- the deviation from the characteristic value shall not be greater than 1.0 , or not greater than the characteristic value 20% 25% liquid separation time, min -- the deviation from the characteristic value shall not be greater than 20% Fire extinguishing time (acetone), min -----------≤ 3 Anti burning time (acetone), min -----------≥ 10 Fire extinguishing time (120# solvent oil), min -- strong application ≤ 3, slow application ≤ 5 Anti burning time (120# solvent oil), min -- slow release ≥ 10 Freezing point, ℃------------------------------------------------------------------ Service temperature, ℃---------- freezing point + 5 ~ 40 Fourth, product application scope: The S/AR6% type anti foam foam extinguishing agent is mainly used to extinguish fire such as alcohols, esters, aldehydes, ethers, amines, organic acids, heterocyclic and other polar (or water-soluble) solvents. It can also fight non-polar hydrocarbon and oil fires. It is a general type foam extinguishing agent. It can be applied to large scale chemical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical fiber enterprise, and numerous small and medium-sized chemical plants, paint factories, alcohol factories, etc. Chemical products warehouse and other places. Its general performance can simplify the remediation of class B fuel fires that are unknown or mixed with oils and polar solvents.
 Cabinet heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system
Cabinet heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system
Product Name: cabinet heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system Specification and model: GQQ40 / 70 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 150 / 180; Basic functions: First, brief description: It is suitable for the installation of high-efficiency propane fire-extinguishing devices in the places where there is no need of fluorine gas tank and stain, and it is not suitable for the installation of high-efficiency propane fire-extinguishing devices, and there is no need for installation and maintenance. It is suitable for the places where there is no need for fluorine gas tank and stain. It is a cabinet type fire extinguishing device that integrates the components of fire extinguishing agent storage container, spraying pipeline, nozzle and valve driving device and is connected with the automatic fire alarm controller to realize automatic control, measurement and fire extinguishing. Since the fire extinguishing agent storage bottle is placed in the cabinet, for small protection areas of different sizes, select single bottle groups with different volumes for protection, which can reduce the floor area; The nozzle adopts multi hole type, which can make the fire extinguishing agent fill the whole protection area quickly and evenly; Like the hanging fire extinguishing device, it has the characteristics of simple construction and installation and small project investment. Second, product application It is widely used in electronic computer room, communication room, data warehouse, power distribution room, generator room, library and archives and other valuable equipment rooms. Third, product maintenance 1. Inspection (1) Daily appearance and pressure indication of the device shall be checked by trained personnel every day. (2) Check the pressure gauge at least once a quarter. If the pointer exceeds the green area or is used, entrust the manufacturer or a fire engineering unit trained and qualified for professional installation to repair it. (3) Weigh and check the fire extinguishing agent storage bottle once a year. If the weight of the storage bottle decreases by more than 5% of the total weight, the storage bottle must be refilled or replaced; Conduct an action test on the solenoid valve of the electromagnetic fire extinguishing device every year, and continue to use it after passing the test. (4) The storage bottle shall be inspected regularly according to the regulations on safety supervision of gas cylinders and other relevant national standards. It can be used only after it is qualified. If there is rust, the storage bottle shall be treated with rust prevention. While checking the storage bottle, conduct hydraulic strength test on all valves as required. 2. Maintenance (1) Fire extinguishing devices must always be in good working condition, and maintenance personnel must be specially trained. Any failure or damage to the fire extinguishing device must be repaired in time and recorded in detail. (2) After the fire-fighting equipment is trained or installed by the entrusted fire-fighting plant, it shall obtain the professional qualification of fire-fighting equipment.


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